Script based storytelling being acted out
Short film - Talk to Me, 2018

Gear used:

Canon 5DIII

Rokinon 35mm

Rokinon 85mm

Aputure Amaran HR672C LED Lights

Edited by Ken McDonnell

Director Ken McDonnell invited me to be DOP on his latest short film "Talk to Me" starring Franziska Herrmann and Oriana Gordon.

It was a huge honor to be asked to help out with the visuals, lighting and general planning. The film is set to be released in 2018.

Short film - New Zealand

This movie was made as part of V48HOURS 2012 (New Zealand's #1 48 hour film competition). An exciting experience challenging the concept of making shorts. Very little sleep, very short time, heaps of fun.


Short synopsis:

Nicky Brick considers himself a pretty unlucky guy. He has just finished university and has been accepted to work at a prestigious law firm. But he feels like life as he knows it is over.

On his last day before entering full-blown adult life he decides to achieve his last remaining childhood dream, walking the length of a local reef. Before doing so he says goodbye to his childhood friends, father and first love.

But will the reef be the end of Nicky? Or is achieving his goal merely the end of one chapter of his life, and the beginning of another?

Gear used:

Canon 60D

Canon EF f/1.8mm

Canon EF-S 18-135mm

Edited in Premiere Pro CS5

Filmed and edited: Andreas Nielsen

Script: Vanessa Ellingham

Directors: Nathanael Coleman and Claire Hannam

Actors: Phoebe Duke, Patrick Bowen, Guy Webb and Brian Hannam.